It was 2015 when I really caught the travel bug. Five companions hired a seven-seater car and completed a two-week tour of the west coast of the USA, taking in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. From there, you could say it's become an addiction, with the last four years including trips to Thailand, Bali, Florida, Mexico and Slovenia, as well as a number of European City breaks.


So why start Depth of Mind?

The very concept of Depth of Mind is based on the benefits of travelling and its wonderful ability to expand your horizons. Living away from home, out of your comfort zone and immersed within completely different cultures and environments can be a steep but invaluable learning curve for many people. I know it has certainly bolstered my confidence, skills and knowledge of the world giving me a better appreciation for people from all walks of life.

Moving forward, I have a desire to visit all Seven Modern Wonders of the World (and the honorary eighth, one of the originals in the Pyramid of Giza). I've completed two so far, so naturally the remainder of my quest will take me around the world to South America, the Middle-East and Asia. There'll be plenty more destinations to read about here at Depth of Mind over time, and no countless many more epic failures in the process!

Keep travelling. Keep dreaming. Keep growing.​


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Alex Read, author of Depth of Mind

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