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Hiking in Slovenia: The Most Incredible Views

Updated: Mar 7

Hikes to do in Slovenia

Slovenia is home to a number of stunning mountain ranges, hills, valleys, lakes and rivers providing travellers with an ideal opportunity to embrace Mother Nature and hit the trails, especially during the summer months. Our recent trip to the country saw us do a lot of walking; we worked out we’d been covering on average at least ten miles a day throughout the trip, meaning we were able to see a lot of beautiful scenery primarily around Triglav National Park, in the north of the country.

Here, I’ve listed the top five trails Depth of Mind completed throughout the week – all highly recommended!

Slap Kozjak, Kobarid

Our first walk of the holiday as we travelled from Ljubljana to Bovec, this was a great way to begin. An hour-long scenic walk taking you through meadows, along the emerald green Soca River and into the surrounding forest, we began this trail from the car park near Camp Koren.

Slap Kozjak, Kobarid, Slovenia

Be sure to take a small diversion up hill to the World War One bunkers; they’ve clearly been repaired and maintained over the years providing food for thought as to what it’d would have been like living in those trenches. It’s hard to imagine the horror and destruction of war amidst the beauty of the surrounding geographical area. At the very top of the hill above the trenches, there is also a stunning view of the resplendent Soca River below.

When you reach Slap Kozjak, you’ll approach via an ascending walkway into an amphitheatre of rock surrounding the plunge pool, penetrated only by the waterfall itself. It’s a mesmerising sight in the summer months, so I can only imagine how it looks with a greater volume of water in winter and spring. I found it provided peace and reflection, watching the water endlessly cascade over the rock face and into the pool below. At roughly 17:45pm, I felt we’d probably missed the busiest part of the day with the volume of walkers beginning to thin out. If approaching Bovec via Kobarid; I’d highly recommend checking this out!

How we found this walk: https://bit.ly/2vKISoP

Kaninska Mulatjera/Slap Virje Trail

After debating the route on our first morning in Bovec, we settled on a hybrid combination of two local trails around the incredible Bovec basin; the 6.3km Kaninska Mulatjera (The Kanin Mule Track) and the 9.5km Slap Virje trail. This enabled us to enjoy the splendid Kanin forest, admire the breathtaking views of the valley below and visit the Slap Virje waterfall all in one hike.

The Kaninska Mulatjera trail offers some incredible views

From the very beginning, you’re treated to awesome panoramic views of the valley from the comfort of the Kanin cable car, as the walk starts from Station B halfway up the mountain. At a fee of €10, it’s well worth the money for the views alone. The trail then winds its way back down the slopes through the peace and quiet of the woods before meeting the adjoining Slap Virje route. The forest itself is magical, almost Lord of the Rings-esque, with the tranquility occasionally pierced by bird song or the rustle of critters as they dive into the undergrowth. Of course, you can can continue with the Mulatjera route, but we wanted to pack in as much as possible and branched off onto the Slap Virje trail when the opportunity allowed.

Following the winding path as it makes its way down the lower reaches of the mountain, on approach to Slap Virje you can hear it before you see it. As to be expected, the waterfall is depleted at this time of year, reduced to multiple streams of water cascading down the layers of rock into the plunge pool below.

A depleted, but beautiful Slap Virje

Having since seen videos of it in full flow during the winter and spring months, it’s intensity and might is highly impressive, but nevertheless, even in the summer months it’s still a beautiful attraction. Of course, its reduced power lends well to swimming in the plunge pool, which was well taken advantage of by hikers and holidaymakers alike.

After enjoying the refreshing waters of Slap Virje, the trail continues downhill around a reservoir and through Bovec golf course, before a final uphill climb that brings you back around to the Kanin cable carpark.

I’d highly recommend this hike; it was highly enjoyable and provided ample opportunity for some stunning shots of the local area. What better than to get out into the forest and enjoy nature in all its serenity?

How we found this walk: https://bit.ly/2ksGmkF

Prestreljenik Window

A highly rewarding hike to the higher reaches of the Prestreljenik Mountain, this 40-minute ascent takes place from D Station of the Kanin cable car. The views from the window itself are absolutely mesmerising, and I’d actually rate this as one of the most memorable experiences, hence the reason I’m dedicating a full post of it’s own to the Prestreljenik Window! Check it out for more information.

View from Prestreljenik Window

How we found this walk: https://bit.ly/2kfMb4M

Ojstrica Viewpoint

A short yet challenging uphill ascent of 20 minutes, we were actually sweating buckets by the time we reached the summit! That said, the humidity of the day was very high, so I’d take that with a pinch of salt. Regardless, this was one of the best moments of the entire trip, providing a sublime view of Lake Bled in all its splendour. An “insta-famous” spot (admittedly, that’s how I became aware of it), be sure to get there early doors before the crowds arrive. The view of the Lake with the Karavanke mountains providing a backdrop is simply breathtaking and a must-do. You will not be disappointed.

Ojstrica Viewpoint offers an incredible view of Lake Bled

How we found this walk: https://bit.ly/2PUjUMo

Peč and Rudnica from Stara Fužina

The last of our hikes during our week in Slovenia and definitely an excellent way to round off the trip. This trek, at a distance of 8.1km, takes in some incredible views of the gorgeous Lake Bohinj. We’d been recommended this location as the quieter cousin of the popular, touristy Lake Bled and it did not disappoint, offering wonderful views throughout the walk.

Lake Bohinj from the incredible Peč viewpoint

The first major viewpoint, Peč offers a stunning view of Lake Bohinj with the mountains surrounding it in an almost protective fashion; forests flow off their slopes down to the shore and at the foot of the lake, you can make out the spire of an old church. We were extremely lucky to have this view to ourselves for the best part of 20 minutes, after initially arriving just as a large group of people were departing. It proved invaluable. Taking in the peace and quiet of the spot, I was able to relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air, taking the time to truly appreciate this incredible country and the craftsmanship of nature, with the blending textures of rock and woodland coloured by the blue hue projected off the lake onto the slopes above. Sheer beauty.

This is a very hilly climb with a total ascent of 416m, but as you make your way uphill through the ancient, almost enchanted forest, every so often there’s a break in the trees offering sensational views. Just over an hour later, having left Peč at 10:50am, we reached Razglednik off the back of an intense walk through the woods negotiating root and stone. As you follow the ridge uphill, the tree’s briefly recede to reveal a wide open view of the Lower Bohinj valley, complete with green pastures, forest and the mountains behind. A trick of the light gave a sheen across the peaks, providing a heavenly filter across the landscape.

The view of the valley from Rudnica

The final view point at the summit of Rudnica is as resplendent in its own right, delivering a view of the Upper Bohinj valley from a height of 946m (3,103 ft). A quiet, gentle village sits amidst the serenity of the mountains, with the distant bark of a dog clearly audible even at this height. With such a relative silence from a truly phenomenal landscape, it provides an ideal location for a moment of peace and clarity of thought; well worth the toil and sweat to get there.

The gifts provided by this walk do not end there, with the descent back down offering equally good views as you make your way through forest and field, finally reaching the wonderful village of Stara Fužina which plays host to some traditional alpine buildings. If you’re looking for a good hike around the Lake Bohinj area, this is definitely one I’d recommend.

How we found this walk: https://bit.ly/2lQFHcN

Slovenia is an incredibly beautiful country offering a wealth of trails for people of all hiking abilities; in total we worked out that we’d covered the best part of 60 miles over the course of a week combining city tours and mountain hikes. These treks made some truly incredible memories throughout the course of the week that will never be forgotten.

Do you have questions about any of the hikes above? Feel free to drop me a line via the contact page!