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Easter in Rome: Magnificent St. Peter's Square

With this fat boy satisfied and ready to continue exploring, we embarked on the walk to St Peter's Square. As someone who grew up through the entire Catholic school system, I’ve always been aware of the importance of the Pope and Vatican City to Catholicism, therefore I particularly looked forward to this part of the day. The weather was on form too, providing the perfect conditions to experience this historic location.

The magnificent St. Peter's Square with the famous Basilica in the background.

Walking into the square for the first time is a particularly breath-taking moment. St Peter’s Square was alive and bustling. What a sight to behold. The colonnade bordering each side of the square is magnificent; the Egyptian obelisk in the centre tall and imposing, whilst two graceful fountains flow and ebb on each side. I found the fountains in particular held an allure, and later read they’re circa 400 years old having been created in the 1600’s by Carlos Maderno and Gian Lorenzo Bernini respectively. It’s fair to say that both caught my fascination and were each a masterpiece in their own right!

The Bernini fountain completed in 1667

The exquisite St Peter’s Basilica completes the amazing architecture on view, and operations were clearly underway preparing the venue for the Pope and Easter Sunday Mass. I’ve no doubt this would be a very special event and, judging by the atmosphere in Rome across the entire weekend, I’m sure it’d be an occasion to remember.

After taking pictures, soaking in the atmosphere and marvelling at the wonderful architecture around us, we decided to continue our jam-packed afternoon itinerary and head towards some of Rome’s most famous attractions.