Alex is a trained journalist with professional qualifications in marketing. Having spent nearly six years in recruitment, he has been fortunate enough to travel to some wonderful areas around the world. He is now set to embark on his first period of long-term travel visiting South America.

A firm advocate of mental health, he truly believes in the value travel can add in broadening the mind, developing a wider appreciation for different cultures and adapting to environments.

In his spare time, aside from travelling and blogging, he loves to exercise (gym, football & hiking), produce electronic music and socialise with friends.

Depth of Mind: The Story

Depth of Mind originally began as an independent clothing brand built around the concept of a positive, successful mindset combined with health and wellness. In reality, after spending a substantial amount of time and effort building the label, it became apparent to me that I wasn’t investing in a true passion of mine, not least on the level of my love for travel. Following a break, I decided to re-energise the concept in June 2019, but with the focus on a travel mindset, aligning it with personal growth taken from travelling and combining it with two areas in which I’m qualified; journalism and marketing. Hence, the Depth of Mind travel blog being born!

Having had travel experience in over 20 countries around the world, I truly believe in its ability to change your mindset, breaking down social barriers, enabling one to understand other cultures, environments and behaviours. I love how each trip can take you out of your comfort zone away from your family, friends and familiar surroundings, driving that sense of adventure and thrusting you into new experiences that make you adapt and grow as a person. I’m consistently amazed at the way it opens up new worlds both physically and mentally; new sights, smells and feelings accompany a fresh, open travel mindset that leads to the generation of new ideas and opportunities - when else would I have taken the plunge into learning a new language had I not been relaxing on that hostel bed in Slovenia!? 

For me, this is what Depth of Mind is all about; enriching your mindset and wisdom through your experiences travelling the world, taking what you’ve learnt and using it effectively every day for the benefit of both yourself and others. It can even open up new opportunities that can change your life at any moment. It’s something I’m thoroughly brought into as I plan to continue my quest to travel around the world, immersing myself in the culture of each country, meeting the local people and learning how they go about their everyday life.

Why read Depth of Mind?

There are without doubt a lot of travel blogs offering fantastic, original content, many of which are interesting to read and provide very valuable information. That said, I also find some can be quite superficial, with heavily edited photo's and articles glossing over the realities of visiting some of the most popular locations around the world. That's why through Depth of Mind, I want to share true, accurate accounts of experiences across the globe, including the good, bad and the ugly. Ultimately, travel isn't always sunshine and happiness, therefore it's important to document in each blog post what can really happen.

Every location, restaurant, hostel and experience I write about on this site have all been visited, or used, by myself personally, with everything paid for from my own pocket. I just think this enables an honest, open assessment of every experience without external pressure to unduly praise or overlook any negatives.

Real stories with real images from real experiences.

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